The Elephant Out of the Room

HAPPY (ALMOST) 2020!!!!!

As we are getting ready to exit another year (or decade for that matter), I’m considering ways to clean up clutter in my life, and my digital life is no exception.  For about 10 years, I have been a premium user of Evernote.  And during that decade, we’ve had a lot of great memories shared and stored.  Slowly, but surely, I’ve not only fallen out of love with it, it has turned into more of a liability than an asset (financially and personally).  When February 2020 rolls around, I will not be renewing my nearly 80 buck a year subscription.  The amount of feature development and grow compared to the sharp price increase a few years back makes nixing Evernote a no brainer.

I will discuss in much more detail about the platform I have moved all of my personal notes, documents, etc. to:  Notion.  The fact they offer a seamless export of my Evernote data to their service was icing on the cake!  I have done some pretty awesome things so far with it that has motivated me to get my life together as a whole.  In the coming weeks and months, I’ll share some different use cases and offer some custom templates to help you as well.  For now, I encourage you to check out Notion and sign up for a free account (I don’t get any money for this, LOL).  The free account gives you 1000 blocks to build an awesome notebook, wiki, etc. If you like it enough to pay for it, a personal subscription is $4 per month.  Let me see if I can make it any sweeter…If you are a student with a current .EDU e-mail address, you can get a personal subscription for FREE!

That about wraps things up with me for now.  I’ll also share some cool experiences from my family vacation heading into the new year.  Until then, have a joyous, prosperous, and blessed new year!


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