What’s Your NWO?

When you hear NWO, what comes to mind?  The apocalypse?  Armageddon?  Anti-Christ?  It’s easy for these fear driven thoughts to set in with all that is coming from the many news and media outlets, social media platforms, and so on.

Getting Down with the Get Down

OK…. So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  The first part of 2020, so far, has been much busier than I would have imagined.  Today, my wife and our 2 older daughters will be singing as part of a Black History Month celebration at the historic Grace Church in Newark, NJ.  My mission … Read more

Another One Bites the Dust: Windows 7 Sent Out to Pasture (for most folks)

So Long, Farewell… Apart from the exception where businesses can practically give Microsoft their arms and legs for extended support of the increasingly decrepit Windows 7 operating system, a cyber homegoing was conducted for official support of all versions of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.  This DOES NOT mean your computer will suddenly stop … Read more

Housekeeping Underway!

Hey Everyone! I’ve been spending the better part of this evening cleaning up the website visually.  What I will be working on during this week is both cleaning up and organizing the content that is presently here.  My hope is to also to have a more narrowed focus as it relates to topics I write … Read more

What a year…

Much of my energy is devoted to God, family, work, and school!  I do plan on writing more regularly once I complete school and have more ownership of my time.